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Are You Using Floss Picks Correctly?

When it comes to flossing your teeth, nothing is better than using regular string floss to get the job done. String floss can wrap around the side of your teeth really well to scrape off all the plaque that is on the surface, which is something that cannot be done with other flossing methods. However, you may find that floss picks are much easier to use and actually encourage you to floss. Anything that motivates you to floss is a good thing, so you will want to know how to use floss picks correctly if that is your preferred method of flossing. 

Use Floss Picks That Bend

There are some floss picks that are made with really stiff plastic that allows the floss to be really tight on the pick. While this may seem like a good thing, you want a floss pick that can bend a little bit. Bending the two ends of the floss pick that hold the floss can make the floss a bit loose, which makes it easier to wrap around your teeth where they meet the gums. Give it a try and see if it allows you to reach places that you normally couldn't reach with a floss pick.

Rinse Off The Floss Pick

A common mistake that people make is not rinsing the floss pick while they are using it. You'll want to rinse the floss pick when you switch between teeth to make sure that there is no plaque on the floss. This will help prevent you from getting plaque off of one tooth and moving it elsewhere in your mouth. If you're not able to rinse off the floss pick because you're on the go, consider wiping down the floss pick with a tissue to remove the plaque that is on it.

Use Floss Picks With Other Flossing Methods

Some people don't like regular string floss due to not having the dexterity in their hands to use it. While floss picks are a great alternative, it is best to combine them with other flossing methods. Consider using a water flosser along with floss picks to help get out the plaque along your gums. The water flosser is not going to get rid of the plaque at contact points between your teeth, but it can help remove plaque that the floss pick is not removing. 

Reach out to your dentist for more information about flossing.